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Select Number Plates are one of the longest established number plate brokers in the UK, always searching for interesting cherished number plates for our own stock, or to sell on your behalf.
We sell number plates on a commission basis with a NO SALE NO FEE GUARANTEE. To help sell your number plate our advertising team will place adverts nationally with radio stations, magazines, newspapers and on the Internet. We also have a database of clients registered with us looking for specific plates or plates similar to their requirements.


If you are unsure how much to sell your number plate for our number plate valuations team can advise you on an appropriate selling price. When you sell number plates through us we will guide you through the legal process and help you every step of the way.


We have clients waiting for cherished number plates. If you have an interesting cherished number plate for sale, and are looking for a quick sale we have cash waiting for the right plates, so get in touch with us TODAY.
We are particularly interested in purchasing dateless registration numbers.


To sell number plates on our site call us now on 0121 353 6666 or complete the following Number Plate Sales Form.


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Your information is personal and confidential, we do not pass any of your personal information on to other brokers. If you have any issues or concerns please call us now on 0121 353 6666.

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