Choosing your private number plate

If you’re looking for a private number plate, but you’re not sure where to start, we have some ideas and inspiration for finding the right personalised registration for you.

Writing phonetically

Using phonetics and visual tricks, you can spell out names or words using combinations of letters and numbers. For example:

0 = O
1 = I
2 =Z
5 = S
2 = to, too
R= are
4 = for
C = See
U = You
L8R = Later
K8 = Kate


Perhaps you know what word or phrase you want to use, but don’t have enough characters to fill the plate. You can use filler characters here. For example, if Sara is looking for a plate, she could use fillers like this:

SARAS or SARA5 (the car belongs to Sara)

4SARA XXX (A loving gift for Sara)

SARA 222 (repeated characters look balanced and detract less from Sara’s name).

What do you want to say?

Your private plate is a way of communicating something about yourself to the world. What do you want people to know about you? Here are just a few ideas for how you can personalise your private plate.

Names, nickname and initials

Start your search by typing in your first name, surname or nickname into our search tool. 

Tip - use phonetics and fillers to spell your name creatively ‘L4 URA’, ‘BOB 333’, ‘B1G P3TE

Business and occupations

Your personalised plate can double as a mobile advertisement for your business. Plates that reference the name of your business or your occupation are a fun way to grab people’s attention, and because they are generally a popular style of plate, they can prove to be a valuable investment. 

Tip -  If you’re a hairdresser you can look for words like ‘cut’ ‘style’ ‘dye’, an accountant - ‘tax’ ‘money’ ‘count’, a personal trainer - ‘gym’ ‘fit’ ‘lift’ ‘move’.

Hobbies and interests

Whether you’re into dancing, fishing, golf or knitting, let your passions inspire you. Perhaps your plate could pay homage to your favourite band, film or football team. 

Tip - Start your search with words based around your hobby, e.g. for fishing - ‘angler’, ‘angling’, ‘hook’, ‘fish’, ‘bait’, ‘tackle’, etc. If you want to reference the name of a football team or TV show, you can use acronyms, e.g. MFC (Manchester Football Club) or SATC (Sex and the City).


If you’re proud of your car, you can show it with your private plate. Number plates which reference popular or iconic cars can also be particularly valuable. 

Tip - look for words and acronyms that relate to your vehicle’s make or model, E.g. GTR, AUD, BMW


If the main reason you want a private number plate is as a financial investment, then you should look carefully at what sort of plates are commanding the highest prices. Registrations which include low numbers (e.g. number 1), which spell out popular names or occupations are examples of registrations which are always in high demand.