What is a V750 Certificate of Entitlement?

A Certificate of Entitlement is a DVLA document with details of who has the rights to use the private registration number.

You can use this to assign a private number plate to your car.

What does a V750 DVLA Certificate of Entitlement look like?

This DVLA Certificate of Entitlement is pink and signifies your permission to use the registration number specified on it.

It displays the name of the Purchaser and the Nominee. Additionally, it indicates the expiration date of the certificate, with the certificate number also clearly printed on the document. Take care with this distinctive number and keep it to yourself, as it has the potential to be exploited to transfer the registration number to a vehicle without requiring the actual physical certificate.

What is a Certificate of Entitlement for?

You have the option to affix a private number plate to a car using it. Alternatively, you can retain your registration number on the V750 Certificate of Entitlement until you want to use it. Make sure you're aware of the expiry date which will be 10 years from the date of issue. To prolong its validity, adhere to the guidelines on the reverse side of the Certificate.

The person identified as the Purchaser should sign the Certificate of Entitlement. Either the Purchaser's or Nominee's name should match the Registered Keeper of the vehicle onto which you intend to transfer the personalized registration number.

My Certificate of Entitlement has elapsed. What do I do?

Every Certificate of Entitlement has a designated expiry date. This is typically 10 years from its issue. If yours has expired, you may be able to renew it, though this isn't assured. Renewal can only be initiated by the individual or company identified as the Purchaser - it cannot be undertaken by the Nominee.

If your Certificate has expired, Select Number Plates may be able to assist you, regardless of whether you initially purchased the registration number from us. Give us a call and we can discuss your options.

Help! I've lost my Certificate of Entitlement.

In the event of a lost Certificate, a duplicate can be obtained from the DVLA. However, only the individual or company identified as the Purchaser on the Certificate is eligible to request a duplicate.

Nominees are not authorised to make such requests.

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