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What style of personalised registrations are available for sale?

There are 4 types of registrations: current, prefix, suffix and dateless. To learn about the different styles visit our About Number Plates page.

How do I get my purchased number plates made?

You will need to purchase the new plates from a registered number plate supplier, who will ensure the plates are made to the correct legal standard.

You can find more information about buying number plates by reading our step-by-step buying process, and by visiting the website

I’ve purchased a registration, what do I need to do now?

Our step-by-step buying process, guides you through what you need to do now you have your new personalised registration. 

You can also visit the page for information concerning buying, displaying, assigning and retaining a personalised registration

Do I need to own a vehicle to buy a personalised registration?

No,  there is no legal requirement to place a registration mark that you have purchased onto your car. Your registration’s retention certificate will be valid for a period of usually valid for a period of 10 years.

Can I put a personalised registration on my moped or motorbike?


How long will my registration transfer take?

You can transfer your new registration onto your vehicle immediately, but can’t display the registration on your vehicle until you receive your new V5C from the DVLA. Transfers typically take 2-3 weeks to complete.

I have not received my Certificate of Entitlement (V750)

If you have not already applied to put the registration number onto a vehicle, and there is at least 5 days left before the expiry date, you can apply for a duplicate certificate online via the DVLA website. There is no fee for this. Please allow two weeks for delivery of the new certificate.

You can also contact the DVLA to apply for a replacement.

Do I need to inform my insurance provider of the registration change?

Yes, it is your responsibility to inform your insurance provider of the change in registration. You should do this once the new private number plate is secured to the vehicle.

This should not affect your premium.

What happens to my old plate?

Your car’s original DVLA issued plate will be automatically deactivated by the DVLA upon your registration of a new private number plate. 

If you currently have a private number plate on the vehicle and wish to keep the private registration, you will need to take the number off your vehicle and retain it,  via the UK Government’s Private Vehicle Registration Service.  This is subject to a fee of £80. You can carry out this process online via, or by post.

For more information visit

If I sell my vehicle, what will happen to my private number plate?

If you want to keep your number when you sell your vehicle, you will need to take the number off the vehicle via the UK Government’s Private Vehicle Registration Service. When you retain your private number plate this will be issued on a certificate which is valid for a period of usually 10 years. This means if you do not have a vehicle for your private number plate to be assigned to immediately, it is held on the certificate.

The charge for removing your private number is £80. You can carry out this process online via, or by post.

For more information visit

Can I invent my own private registration number?

No, UK law requires number plates to follow specific format regulations, which means you can only customise plates within strict parameters. This is why good private numbers are so valuable and always in such demand.

Our site has lots of useful information about registration numbers and plenty of advice and inspiration for finding your perfect personalised plate. 

Can I buy a private registration number for someone else?

Yes. A personalised registration number is a fantastic, unique gift idea. When purchasing a number for someone else, be sure to add their correct name and contact information for the person you are buying the number for. 

Are registration numbers compatible across the whole of the British Isles?  What about Northern Ireland, Isle of Mann and the Channel Islands?

Northern Ireland

Northern Irish number plates can be assigned to UK registered vehicles. Because NI registrations are dateless they can be assigned to any vehicle, regardless of age.

Reciprocally, the DVLA allows you to transfer a UK registration mark to a NI vehicle. The transfer process is exactly the same as when you would transfer for a mainland registration number.

Isle of Man & The Channel Islands

Although part of the Isle of Man and the Channel islands are part of the British Isles, they have their own vehicle registration systems and regulations.

Will Brexit affect my registration plate? Is the EU flag still allowed on plates?

Currently, when getting a number plate made you have the choice to include one of four flags; the Union Jack, the St George's Cross, the Scottish Saltire or the Welsh Dragon.

Whilst, many existing plates display the EU flag, it appears that there will be no legal obligation for car owners to replace their number plate to remove this post-Brexit. 

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