Top 10 Xmas Number Plates 2023

17th November 2023

Get into the festive spirit with these top 10 Christmas number plates!

Gift yourself the perfect number plate this holiday season and start by searching here. Are you buying for a loved one? Read our post on why number plates make a great Xmas gift.

XMA 555S - yours for only £5,076

JOL 33Y - festively priced at £3,627

NOE 11E - Noel, Noel an exclusive plate for £17,310

YUL 3S - Yuletide greetings at only £2,420

PE14 ACE - Peace on earth, just £1,630

E14 SNO - Let it snow, let it snow, a bargain at £399

ME13 ARY - Merry Christmas, just £2,160

S400 PUD - who doesn't love Xmas pudding, £1,045

TRE 4E - Oh Tannenbaum - £3,940

S33 NTA - he knows if you've been good or bad £3,205

Don't forget to order physical plates at checkout (for only £30) if you are buying a gift for someone special!

Happy Christmas!