Number 1 Plates - Prestige Number Plates

Select Number Plates specialise in supplying prestige plates, featuring the most sought-after registration marks, to discerning buyers.

Even in the most turbulent economic times, the private plate market continues to grow. The increasing popularity of private plates can be credited to more and more people discovering what a shrewd investment the right plate can be.

Wisely chosen prestige plates consistently retain or increase their value. For example, the reg plate ‘JAC 1K’ sold in 2008 for £8,700. Today that plate is estimated at £50,000.

What makes a plate prestige?

Prestige private plates command the highest market prices. The top-end of the UK’s prestige plate market sees plates selling from a quarter of a million to half a million pounds.

Number 1 Plates

Plates which feature the single number 1, either at the start or end of the registration, are among the most valuable. The number 1 is particularly desirable in a prestige plate as it signifies a sense of uniqueness and primacy.

A plate reading simply ‘1’ last sold in Dubai in 2008 for over £7 million and we have ‘F1’ listed for £36 million! However, you don’t need to spend that kind of money to get hold of a number 1 plate, we have a large selection of number 1 plates, ranging in price from £5,000 to £500,000+.

Number 1 plates

Other valuable characteristics

Number 1 plates are a consistently great investment, but there are some other characteristics to look out for when shopping for a premium plate.

The following features are most likely to indicate plate has significant potential value:

  • Plates will spell a surname or a first name. These name plates can see a sharp increase in value as certain names become more fashionable, or with the rise of popular figures sharing these names, so it is worth checking the value of any name plates you own regularly.
  • Short plate numbers. There is a strong relationship between the shortness of the registration number and its potential sale value.
  • Few numbers. Numbers negatively affect plate price more than letters, so it's best to choose a plate with as few numbers as possible.

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